Friday, March 27, 2009

Random word or image associations

This time, we have to solve a problem by using an idea based on a random word/image that has nothing to do at all with the problem, savvy?

so the problem is to create a scary image so that the image can instill fear to the people for ages long.

the random image is a cat...

so i listed all the associations of a cat;-

1. poop
2. road kill
3. eyes
4. claws

then, we have to sketch the associations to see which fit the purpose of fear..

my money was on the road kill... it turned out to be a failure... Mr Bedu said it's not scary enough.. i was like

"what can be more scary than seeing a dead cat on the road with it's inside are outside?".. heheh

He liked the sketch of the cat's eyes that i did earlier... guess it's more scary

But then, I realized that.. fear can be translated straight by just looking at one's eye...

Scary enough for ya guys!... hahaha

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