Friday, March 27, 2009

How mergers go wrong...

For this exercise... Mr Bedu asked us to merge to totally different animals and see if the new new 'breed' an survive or not... the keyword is not to survive.. we must combined the two living creatures so that they wouldn't last even a day... hahah...

My new breed is a combination of a rooster head and a body of a lion.. my point is that with a chicken's head, the animal would tend to eat chicken food like, insects, leaves and stuff... but having a body of lion, it will and only need meat meat and meat for energy.

when mr bedu saw my sketch, he said no, the animal would survive... haha.. guess i havent been creative enough to make this creature dead by the minute... muahaha

the example that mr bedu showed us was a creature with a fish's head and the body of an eagle/hawk... well that make perfect sense as fish can live on land and having an eagle's feet.. it wouldn't last one minute in the sea... touche!

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