Monday, March 2, 2009

novelty, creativity, and invention and innovation.


from what i have learned last week, there are 2 kinds of novelty ;

1) objective novelty
2) subjective novelty

objective novelty
- something that is new to a person or a group whereas others might already know that something.
eg. a toddler who just learn how to say words. he/she may be new to the experience but not us adults who have been saying words for as long as we could remember.

subjective novelty - something that is new to the whole mankind. no one has ever know of it.
eg. an invention or findings that is new to the human race as it was never been seen before.


like i explained on my previous post. creativity is the ability to do things or solve problems as rationally and as logically as you can. apart from being creative, one must be rational and logic when dealing with everyday problems.

Innovation and Invention

i kinda agree with with the definition of innovation and invention.

invention - invention refers to new concepts or products that derive from individual’s ideas or from scientific research.

innovation - the commercialization of the invention itself.

even one of the majoring offered in FCM is Media Innovation where advertising is the core of that particular majoring... hehe..

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