Friday, March 27, 2009

poetry defines creativity....

the title is just a hype.. there's nothing creative about my poem.. I just like to rhyme... hehehe

the activity of the day!...

Love is like chillies,
It fills your tummy and burn your bellies,
Without chillies, there's no point of eating,
Like love, chillies what keep my heart beating,
Sometime it's spicy, sometime it's nothing,
I like how it keeps my mouth wondering.

Life is like a sportscar,
Press the pedal and it gets fast, let it go and and it will slow,
if you dont respect rules and laws, it will give a blow.

Women are like garbage,
somehow I'm attracted to them like a rat and the sewage,
They can even turn a man into a savage,
another man's garbage, is another man's women,
they'll isolate you from life, like and island of Cayman,
So handle women with care,
if not, there'll be consequence that you shall bear.


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