Friday, March 27, 2009

Random word or image associations

This time, we have to solve a problem by using an idea based on a random word/image that has nothing to do at all with the problem, savvy?

so the problem is to create a scary image so that the image can instill fear to the people for ages long.

the random image is a cat...

so i listed all the associations of a cat;-

1. poop
2. road kill
3. eyes
4. claws

then, we have to sketch the associations to see which fit the purpose of fear..

my money was on the road kill... it turned out to be a failure... Mr Bedu said it's not scary enough.. i was like

"what can be more scary than seeing a dead cat on the road with it's inside are outside?".. heheh

He liked the sketch of the cat's eyes that i did earlier... guess it's more scary

But then, I realized that.. fear can be translated straight by just looking at one's eye...

Scary enough for ya guys!... hahaha

poetry defines creativity....

the title is just a hype.. there's nothing creative about my poem.. I just like to rhyme... hehehe

the activity of the day!...

Love is like chillies,
It fills your tummy and burn your bellies,
Without chillies, there's no point of eating,
Like love, chillies what keep my heart beating,
Sometime it's spicy, sometime it's nothing,
I like how it keeps my mouth wondering.

Life is like a sportscar,
Press the pedal and it gets fast, let it go and and it will slow,
if you dont respect rules and laws, it will give a blow.

Women are like garbage,
somehow I'm attracted to them like a rat and the sewage,
They can even turn a man into a savage,
another man's garbage, is another man's women,
they'll isolate you from life, like and island of Cayman,
So handle women with care,
if not, there'll be consequence that you shall bear.


How mergers go wrong...

For this exercise... Mr Bedu asked us to merge to totally different animals and see if the new new 'breed' an survive or not... the keyword is not to survive.. we must combined the two living creatures so that they wouldn't last even a day... hahah...

My new breed is a combination of a rooster head and a body of a lion.. my point is that with a chicken's head, the animal would tend to eat chicken food like, insects, leaves and stuff... but having a body of lion, it will and only need meat meat and meat for energy.

when mr bedu saw my sketch, he said no, the animal would survive... haha.. guess i havent been creative enough to make this creature dead by the minute... muahaha

the example that mr bedu showed us was a creature with a fish's head and the body of an eagle/hawk... well that make perfect sense as fish can live on land and having an eagle's feet.. it wouldn't last one minute in the sea... touche!


My definition of juxtaposition is combining two words to create a new definition... and that new definition is some sort of representational of the things we want to relate... get it?? heheh..
for an example, you want to say you are hungry, so will say "hungry as a wolf"... u wont say "hungry as a rabbit" because you know that wolf is a good representation to express hunger...

never the less.. meaning can differ based of race and culture.. what is good here could be something bad at another place. for instance, the colour yellow.. in Malaysia, the colour yellow symbolizes royalty but in the western countries, yellow is the colour to express cowardness... so guys... be careful.. hehe

here's the exercise that we did during class...

Evil Me

We have to create a mind map about the little devil inside us... in this mind map, we have to put in all our our weaknesses, dark side, and many negatives things about us.

But some negatives part of us can actually brings out the best in us... now that is being creative!

Monday, March 2, 2009

subjective novelty??

this invention is kinda new for me... is it for you guys?

novelty, creativity, and invention and innovation.


from what i have learned last week, there are 2 kinds of novelty ;

1) objective novelty
2) subjective novelty

objective novelty
- something that is new to a person or a group whereas others might already know that something.
eg. a toddler who just learn how to say words. he/she may be new to the experience but not us adults who have been saying words for as long as we could remember.

subjective novelty - something that is new to the whole mankind. no one has ever know of it.
eg. an invention or findings that is new to the human race as it was never been seen before.


like i explained on my previous post. creativity is the ability to do things or solve problems as rationally and as logically as you can. apart from being creative, one must be rational and logic when dealing with everyday problems.

Innovation and Invention

i kinda agree with with the definition of innovation and invention.

invention - invention refers to new concepts or products that derive from individual’s ideas or from scientific research.

innovation - the commercialization of the invention itself.

even one of the majoring offered in FCM is Media Innovation where advertising is the core of that particular majoring... hehe..