Monday, February 16, 2009

creative vs creativity

Well.. from numerous online dictionaries i have looked, i can conclude that creative means the ability to create something new... so my definition of creative is about the same.

we can see a lot of examples of creative people such as alexander graham bell, thomas edison, thw wright brothers and a lot more... these people are being labeled creative because they think outside of the box. they invented things that until now are being used on a daily basis.

another thing about creative is, one is always 'abnormal'. i dont mean as in physically or even mentally deformed, but i'm talking about the personalities, attitude even habits that a creative person might have. to me, being creative gives you the license to be accentic, confused, complicated or even down right weird. it's okay if you are weird just as long as you produce something decent. catch my dritf?

being in FCM, i can see some of my friends are indeed 'creative'.... heheh

creativity, hurm... this is a tough one... i guess, creativity is the ability to do things or solve problems as rasionally and as logically as you can. apart from being creative, one must be rasional and logic when dealing with everyday problems.

for example, when you are dealing with a problem, surely you will try to face it by constucting ways using your imagination. but, fortunately for us, we still live in the pretty little world i like to called reality. so besides our imagination beyond our wildest dreams, we'll try to put a little bit of rasional and a dash of logic so that the problems can be handle in a very mannered way.

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